What is NPL TV?

NPL TV is a dedicated streaming platform housing 7 NPL Member Federations including Football Victoria, Football South Australia, Football NSW, Football Tasmania, Football West, Capital Football and Northern NSW Football.

How to sign up to NPL.TV:

Visit and select the ‘sign in/sign up’ button, and the ‘sign up’ link. On the NPL TV app, select the ‘settings’ icon, ‘login’ button and then the ‘sign up’ link at the bottom.

Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store by searching either NPL.TV or NPL TV.


An electronic email will be sent to your email address to verify your account with a 6-code before you can start streaming content. Once you are signed in, you can stay signed in.

Is there a cost to download the NPL TV app?

No, there is no cost to download the NPL TV app. No content on this app currently requires a subscription.

I can’t find NPL.TV in the Apple Store or Google Play Store?

How to delete my account:

Please email us at and we will delete your data from our systems.

What is the minimum iPhone standard required to run NPL TV?

iOS 14 is the minimum supported.

I have signed up to watch one of the leagues but there is no content to watch?

It’s likely the competition you are seeking to watch is yet to commence for Season 2022. Please refer to the competition draw on the state associations website and return to NPL.TV to view live and replay content once the season has commenced.

Why is the stream not working?

Please check your internet connection status first. If you are still experiencing issues with the stream, please send us an email at We will endeavour to investigate and resolve your query as soon as possible.

I don’t have a smart tv, does this matter?

You will still be able to watch on your phone, tablet, or computer device. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a smart tv you are unable to cast to your television without a Chromecast or Apple TV device. However, as an alternative option, connect your laptop or smartphone to TV via HDMI cord.

Why isn’t Chromecast working on the app?

Please ensure that the device you are casting from (phone/tablet/laptop) is connected to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast device, and not using mobile data. The Chromecast symbol will appear in the top right corner of the home page. The Chromecast symbol will show on the website on the video’s scrub bar.

I want to record some games, how can I do that?

Unfortunately, you are not able to record content from NPL TV. This is to protect the rights of the sporting organisations. If you would like a copy of a particular match or game, please email your sports organisation or club.

I want to watch football content that isn’t listed on NPL.TV

We are constantly looking to add and improve the content available on NPL.TV. If there is specific content that you are looking for, please contact the state football association for more information and discuss how to stream your games.